Helping Address the Needs of Dudley’s Seniors (HANDS)

HANDS has been able to “lend a hand” to Dudley seniors in need of assistance with their monthly food, heating and/or utility expenses.

As a grassroots nonprofit organization founded in the fall of 2008, HANDS helps Dudley seniors in need by sending financial awards directly to the heating/electric supply companies of those individuals, their respective accounts being credited. Over ninety-five percent of donations received are used to assist those who qualify. To date, we have given out 164 awards totaling $77,151.

Though home heating oil prices remain relatively stable, our seniors are still in need of assistance. Food and medical costs have continued to increase at a much greater rate than the social security these individuals receive, thus reducing the amount of available funds for heating. Furthermore, COVID-19 has added additional stress and anxiety to these individuals already struggling with financial and physical challenges.

All of HANDS’ funds come from individuals, businesses, special interest groups, schools and churches in our surrounding communities. Please consider joining these donors by giving to HANDS, so that we all may continue to “lend a hand” to those Dudley seniors struggling to keep warm this heating season.

How to Apply

HANDS will provide aid for those who qualify, through grants paid directly to heating and utility companies.

If you are 60 years of age or older, a resident of Dudley, and find yourself in need of heating or utility assistance, please download and fill out the application. For priority consideration, applications must be received by December 31.

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