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Whether you own a Harley or a Honda, every motorcycle owner looks forward to the time they can get their bikes on the road.  What you may not think too much about though, is your motorcycle insurance coverage.  The staff at Hometown Insurance Center knows the most important difference between an auto policy and motorcycle policy is the injury coverage.  Please refer to the Auto policy page to brush up on all coverages, but pay specific attention to the parts copied below that speaks to motorcycle insurance coverage.

Part 2. Personal Injury Protection- covers you and your passengers if injured in an automobile accident. Automatic limit of $8,000.  This coverage does not apply to drivers or passengers of motorcycles.

Part 6. Medical Payments- This portion of the policy covers the smaller injury claims which can be paid quickly and easily with out dealing with law suits, court hearings etc.  This portion is extremely important for motorcycle policies, as it is the replacement for Part 2.

If you own a motorcycle call Hometown Insurance Center today to review your particular needs for a motorcycle insurance policy. Don’t ride without it.