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Apart from your home, your boat may be your most valuable asset. The professionals at Hometown Insurance understand your passion for your boat and how to insure your boat properly.  Whether big or small, it is important to understand the risk of owning a boat and insure yourself against those risks.

Nuts & Bolts of Boat Insurance

Liability – This part of the policy will protect you when the operator of your boat is responsible for a boat related incident/accident.  Boats can cause major damage and/or injury, so carrying liability insurance on your boat is just as important as on your automobile!

Physical Damage coverage for your boat – If your boat was involved in a collision, or was damaged due to weather – would you want to pay out of pocket for repairs?  If your answer is no, you should carry physical damage coverage on your boat policy so you would be compensated to repair these damages.

Call Hometown Insurance Center today so we can help protect your boat with boat insurance written to fit your situation.