At Hometown Insurance Center LLC, our knowledgeable staff will help you buy the right amount of insurance while ensuring you’re comfortable with the actual protection being purchased and the cost of the insurance. We recognize that insurance is a rather complicated but necessary purchase for most people and we want to help those who want to be adequately protected.

The friendly personnel at Hometown Insurance Center look at insurance as a serious purchase that will protect your financial future and those things for which you have worked so hard. We realize and will try to explain to you the serious differences, positive and negative, between policies or contracts offered by various insurance companies. We will try to offer you the best policy we have available, for the coverage you need at a competitive price. Our companies are selected based on their ability to provide responsible claim service, financial stability and adequate products.

We think that insurance is too important to your financial well being to be discussed with price as the only criteria for a decision. We do not wish to do business on the basis of only minimum coverage amounts or “just what I need to get by”.

Hometown Insurance Center is an independent insurance agency that has been helping people for over 70 years in Central Massachusetts to buy the right insurance. Call us today for a no-obligation consultation, whether you’re a long-standing customer interested in our full line of services – or you’re new to Hometown and want to compare rates with another agency.

Hometown Insurance Center Agents are at your service. Contact us today to set up your appointment.