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Been in an accident – now what?

  • First, and most importantly, try to remain calm.
    Second, if anyone is injured or the cars are immovable and blocking traffic, call
    the police.
    Then go to a safe place away from traffic, to exchange information with the other
    The information you will want to exchange is: 

    • Vehicle year, make and model, plate number
    • Owners name and address
    • Driver’s name, address and license number
    • Insurance carrier
  • Next, call us to report the claim. We will report to your carrier and get the
  • appraisal process started. If you are not at fault and do not carry coverage to
  • repair your vehicle, we can assist you in establishing a direct claim against the
  • other party.

Your health is most important, so take care of yourself and any injured parties before
worrying about your vehicle. Do not move anyone who has been seriously injured in the
auto accident as doing so could worsen any injuries.

Please allow your professional Hometown Insurance Center representative to help
make the process as seamless as possible for you.

Buying new home – need insurance?

Congratulations on your new purchase!

Buying a home can be stressful and exciting at the same time. Let the professionals at
Hometown Insurance Center ease some of the stress!

With a simple 10-minute phone call or meeting, to answer some questions about yourself
and your new home, we can put together an insurance proposal in just a few hours. We
will take your information and do a full assessment of your home value, which includes
going out to your home to take a photo.

With this information, we will access our 10 carriers and review coverage options,
pricing, and payment plan preferences to find the policy that best suits your needs.

Your Hometown Insurance Center’s agent will work with your bank and/or realtor
to get all documents together in a timely manner for a seamless closing process.

Teenager driving – got questions?

Did you know the Insurance regulations state that all licensed household members need
to be listed on your automobile insurance policy? Massachusetts’s law mandates this be
done within 60 days of receiving a driver’s license.

Your son/daughter should be listed as principal or occasional operator on all vehicles that
he/she may drive.
If he/she is not allowed to drive one or all of your vehicles, you should still list them as
an excluded operator.

With a simple phone call or visit to our office we can add your teenage driver to your
policy. Information we will need regarding the new driver:

  • name;
  • date of birth; and
  • license number

We can help you take advantage of the discounts available so you can mediate the cost of
adding a new driver as much as possible. Some of these discounts include:

  • driver’s education;
  • good student discount; and
  • driver away at school discount

Call or stop in at your convenience. Your Hometown Insurance Center Customer
Service Representative will be happy to discuss all possible discounts available.

Are you paying too much for your auto insurance?

Hometown Insurance Center AutoIf you feel you may be paying too much for your auto insurance, we strongly urge you call us immediately.  With one phone call, we can get an insurance proposal from TEN different insurance carriers.  We won’t compromise your coverage either, that is not the Hometown
Insurance way!

Is your home fully protected if we have another winter like last year?’ If you can’t answer this with a YES immediately call us.

We all hope that we do not have to experience another winter in which we have to dig ourselves out of 5 feet of snow, or where roofs are collapsing left and right!  The truth is, we don’t know what the winter will bring so we need to protect ourselves against whatever Mother Nature might throw at us.  At Hometown Insurance, our goal is to insure your valuable assets adequately and fully protect you in case you are a victim of some sort of loss.  Please do not hesitate to call us to discuss further. Your home is
your most valuable asset, the insurance on your home should not be
taken lightly.

Is your drivers license expired? Remember the RMV will not send a reminder notice to renew!

Hometown Insurance Center Auto Insurance

In an effort to reduce cost, the MA RMV will no longer mail out reminder notices when your drivers license is about to expire.  It is your responsibility to remember the date and be sure you renew in time. You may be able to renew your driver’s license online by clicking here. If you wish to receive a reminder email or text when your license is about to expire, please click here to enroll in this service.  Don’t get caught with an expired license!